Saturday, 16 January 2021

16-01-21 ONLINE TOGETHER: Live Chat

Free on Twitch. 

How do we foster intimacy across the flatness of our screens? This panel looks to the meaningful ways we seek community, indulge creative energies, and feel close to another in a newly online world.

In an age of pandemics, we rely on online infrastructure more than ever. Yet, the options for how we meet the need to connect with others feel narrower and less fulfilling as we cycle through lockdowns and daily Zoom fatigue.

With video games reaching new audiences and popularity over lockdown (Animal Crossing, Among Us), a uniquely online realm has been opened up and universalised - where you can visit your friends, chat and play. Video games and interactive digital art have always occupied virtual spaces in unique ways, and this session looks to how we might continue to build and imagine an ecosystem fit for the distances we now find ourselves trying to bridge.

Hosted by Gabrielle de la Puente (OUTPUT Gallery, The White Pube), joined by video game developer and academic Robert Yang (The Tearoom), VR documentary filmmaker Joe Hunting (A Wider Screen, Club Zodiac) and drawing, game and software artist Everest Pipkin (Lacework).

Saturday, 16 January 2021

8:30 pm