Invisible Women: And What Does Your Mother Do?

Saturday, 15 January 2022

15-01-22 And What Does Your Mother Do?

Image: Cosas de Mujeres, Rosa Martha Fernández, Cine Mujer, 1978

In the 1970s a collectivised feminist film movement emerged across Latin America. These collectives allowed women to pool their resources and tackle pressing intersectional issues through filmmaking. Despite this rich history, this work has been under celebrated outside of the continent. This programme, curated by Invisible Women, includes three fascinating films from the movement. 

The work of Cine Mujer Colombia, Cine Mujer Mexico (separate collectives despite the shared name) and Brazil’s Via TV Mulher, spans decades and countries but shares a politicised commitment to female-centred practice. Tackling perennial issues such as abortion, sex work and domestic labour, these films offer an inspiring glimpse of artistic resistance in action.

Curated by Invisible Women

Saturday, 15 January 2022

6:00 pm

Cosas de Mujeres

Cosas de Mujeres

Rosa Martha Fernández / Cine Mujer




This documentary, produced by the Mexican collective Cine-Mujer, denounces the problem of clandestine abortion in Mexico. The case of a young sociology student who lives an unwanted pregnancy and is subjected to the humiliation of a clandestine operation. The girl, sick from bad surgery, is taken by a friend to the General Hospital where she meets the testimony of other women who have had abortions. The film also reveals shocking statistics on the deaths caused by this type of operations carried out under precarious conditions.

And What Does Your Mother Do?

And What Does Your Mother Do?

Cine Mujer




AND WHAT DOES YOUR MOTHER DO? Is a humorous film which cleverly uses the technique of speeded-up action, to expose basic inequalities built into the traditional family structure, which lay the bulk of responsibility and pressure on women

Amores de Rua

Amores de Rua

Eunice Gutman




A documentary about prostitution in Brazil. Includes portraits of sex workers and discussion of personal issues and working conditions.